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'Want to be a Starving Author? Didn't think so!'

Are you ready to be bold and to see your book/s break through?

Bold Authors offers factual (& fun!) courses led by industry experts, as well as checklists and templates, so you can accelerate your author journey and increase your chances of success.

How Bold Authors can help you


On-demand courses you can tap into at any stage of your writing career.

Whether you are at the start of your author career, have a manuscript ready to go or are already a published author, there is a course here to further your understanding and take you to the next level of success.


Pay only for what you need, when you need it.

Course pricing at Bold Authors is aimed at being accessible.
We don't sign you up at high prices for bells and whistles you don't need. All of our courses are tightly targeted to solve a specific problem or need commonly faced during different stages of the author's journey.


Hear from industry experts.

We'll help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of all the different paths to publishing (traditional through to indie) and learn how to  maximise your financial success while minimising author pain points along the way.

Current Courses

Author Business

Would you like to leverage your creativity and intellectual property, and in turn, increase your author income? Find out what you might expect to earn and other ways to monetise your book.

Book Marketing

These days, your actions as an author are just as crucial in successful book marketing as the efforts of your publishing house. Hear ideas from the experts on ways to help increase the visibility of you and your book.

Writing Craft

What are some of the best ways to improve your writing craft?
We'll be adding courses here throughout 2023 to get you off to a great start, or help you move through writing blocks to get your manuscript finished and ready for submission.

Writing Tools

What are our writing and publishing experts' favourite writing and publishing tools?
We'll be launching a free micro-course on this soon.

Author Insights

Enjoy hearing tips from published authors who have experienced all sorts of challenges and writing success. Learn from their mistakes so that you can avoid common pitfalls and discover writers who have made a career from their love of words and books.

Self-Publishing Success

Avoid traditional publishing pitfalls, including publishing scams, and give your book the best chance of success. We have lots of great information, tools, tip sheets and templates for the new breed of indie author.

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Many people dream of having a book published, but how many actually do? This webinar (26 minutes) answers this question and many others to help you lift the lid on the current Australian publishing industry and turn your dream into an income stream. This webinar covers…
- Key statistics on the current Australian and International publishing industry.
- How much you can expect to earn as a published author.
- How you can create opportunities and/or monetise your book.
-The different publishing paths available.

Brought to you by a great team of traditional
and self-publishing professionals.

Anna Featherstone

✑ Founder of Bold Authors
✑ Australian Ambassador for ALLi
✑ Judge of the Australian Business Book Awards
✑ Author of the Australian Society of Authors recommended reading title: 'Look - It's Your Book!' 

Dani Vee

✑ Acquisitions Manager (children's books & picture books for Larrikin House)
✑ Author: 'My Extraordinary Mum' (picture book), 'My Epic Dad' (picture book series) and young adult fiction coming soon
✑ Host of the highly popular Words and Nerds Podcast
✑ Literary festival presenter and passionate advocate for the writing community

Nadine Davidoff

✑ Freelance Editor (literary and popular fiction, general non-fiction, biography/memoir, travel narrative and health)
✑ Former Commissioning Editor at Black Inc
✑ Former Senior Editor at Harper Collins 

Amra Pajalic

✑ Award-winning author, editor and teacher
✑ Three-time Artists in Schools funding recipient
✑ Previous assessor on the Creative Victoria Literary Panel
✑ Writing Mentor and presenter
✑ Owner of Pishukin Press
✑ Grant expert: Recipient of writing grants including business grants, Export Market Development Grant, creative and literary grants and community development grants.

Dr Helen Edwards

✑ PhD in Psychology
✑ 25 years' experience in mental health
✑ Writer mentor
✑ Children's and YA Author
✑ Freelance writer and presenter
✑ #LoveAusAuthors blogger
✑ Represented by Golvan Arts Management

Sophie Timothy

✑ Sister Scout Photography
✑ Author Photo Expert
✑ Host of the 'All About Author Photos' course

Are You an Emerging or Experienced Author?

Start with our free webinar 'Want to be a Starving Author?' (scroll up for sign up link). Then follow it up with our Publishing Pathways Course: Traditional, Self or Hybrid Publishing - Which is right for you.

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All About Book & Author Marketing

Get into the nitty gritty of the best author and book marketing tips and processes. Get an idea of the timeline to produce a book and all the steps you need to take, or get specific tips and templates for Book Sell Sheet/Advance Information Sheet, and tips about Author Photos.

Are you ready to be bold and to see your book/s break through?

Bold Authors offers factual (& fun!) courses led by industry experts, as well as checklists and templates, so you can accelerate your author journey and increase your chances of success.

Current courses:
Ultimate Timeline Guide to Successfully Publish Your Book Click here
Publishing Pathways: Traditional, Self or Hybrid - Which is Right for You?  Start here
All About Author Photos: How to Ensure Yours is a Great One & Where to Use it Learn here
How to Make an Advance Information Sheet (AIS / Book Sell Sheet) Templates here
Grants for Australian Authors & Publishers including EMDG grant So useful!
Want to be a Starving Author? Didn't Think So! (free webinar, scroll down)

Coming Soon:
How to Stand Out from the Slush Pile (KidLit) with Dani Vee
Writing Picture Books 101 with NYT bestselling author Adam Wallace
Author School Visits 101 with NYT bestselling author Adam Wallace
How to Create an Online Course from Your Book, Passion or IP with Anna Featherstone 

Audiobook Basics for Authors with Cath Bilson
All About Book Coaches: Do You Need One & How Do They Work with Kelly Irving