Advanced Marketing for Audiobooks
Using a Wide Sales Strategy

The exact things you need to do on different platforms to enhance your audiobook sales and revenue, and grow your audience/readers

This course, hosted by Rebecca Hefner, USA Today bestselling author and audiobook marketing and distribution expert will show you how to leverage the different platforms and tactics so you can capitalise on wide audiobook marketing opportunities. Discover the best platform to sell audiobooks.

NB: This is an advanced course, if you are new to wide audiobook marketing,
please start with Rebecca's introductory course:
What You Need to Know About Going Wide with Audiobooks

Based on tried and true audiobook marketing and promotion actions, this course will ease the steep audiobook marketing learning curve so you can get back to writing! 

In this course, Rebecca Hefner (bestselling author of contemporary romance, paranormal romance and SciFi romance), reveals how you can increase audiobook revenue and create robust audience followings for your audiobooks.
How? She'll show you how to take full advantage of the various options and opportunities on different platforms - including through your own storefront!

'This course is for audiobook authors who have - or will have - a number of audiobooks to market and want specific tips for success.' Rebecca Hefner

Benefit immediately from actionable tips:

In this self-paced course comprising 15 tip-packed modules over 1 hour 10 minutes, USA best-selling author Rebecca Hefner will get straight to the point, revealing the strategies that have helped her experience audiobook sales success - so you can too!

This course will help you:

  • Immediately identify the various platforms and tactics that will impact your marketing.   
  • Save time trying to understand the benefits of the various marketing and promotion option open to you.
  • Confidently dive right in to exploit the audiobook marketing opportunities available.  
  • See the numerous free ways to raise the visibility of your books and you as an author.
  • Optimise your audiobook marketing opportunities across a wide variety of platforms.

Advanced Audiobook Marketing Course for
Success Across Multiple Platforms (Wide)

with USA Today bestselling author and audiobook marketing strategist Rebecca Hefner

What are some practical steps you can take to find and grow an audience for your audiobooks? 

This economically priced course will save you SO much time and brain strain!
 NB: If you are a beginner - start with Rebecca's introductory course:
'What you need to know about going wide with audiobooks'

It clearly lays out a variety of ways - across a variety of platforms - to capitalise on the marketing opportunities available for your audiobooks.

For just $USD28, find out fast what you can do right now to improve the reach and sales of your audiobooks

Do you want to know the platforms to target and the steps to follow to reach the widest audience possible for your audiobook - and earn the highest percentage of royalties?

In this course for Bold Authors, author and audiobook expert Rebecca Hefner discloses the many ways you can capitalise on available marketing routes for your audiobook.
'I had to learn and do all this the hard way, but I love helping other authors which is why I've put all my advanced audiobook marketing tips into this Bold Authors course.' Rebecca Hefner

Join US Today Bestselling Author, author coach and audiobook distribution and marketing strategy expert Rebecca Hefner as she clearly lays out how you can make the most of the various platforms - and your own - to optimise the marketing of your audiobooks.

In this presentation, you will:

  • learn what to do and where to maximise the marketing benefits of 'going wide' with your audiobooks'.
  • benefit from insights from an author who has had significant success by 'going wide' in the audiobook market.
  • discover multiple ways to raise the visibility of your audiobooks and yourself as an author through many free opportunities.
This course reveals the advanced ways to market your audiobooks across multiple platforms in the most optimal ways.

'Author to author wisdom is what I'm here for!'

'There are many hazards for authors when it comes to marketing and it can be such a time drain. This course helps you hurdle the hard parts so you can start implementing immediately.'

'If you want to be read, there's no use being half-hearted about it. Approach audiobook marketing professionally and you'll be a step ahead.'

What is Included in the Course...

Module 1

Introduction to the Advanced Audiobook Marketing for Wide Sales Success Course and Your Host, Rebecca Hefner

Module 2

How to Optimise Audiobook Marketing with Kobo

Module 3

How to Use Chirp to Achieve Audiobook Marketing Results

Module 4

Steps to Maximise Your Audiobook Marketing through Findaway Voices

Module 5

How to Use YouTube as Part of Your Audiobook Marketing Strategy

Module 6

Using Your Direct Store as Part of Your Audiobook Marketing Strategy

Module 7

How to Use a Free Reader Magnet as a Key Element of Your Wide Audiobook Marketing Strategy

Module 8

A Simple Way to Use GoodReads in Your Wide Audiobook Marketing Plan

Module 9

How Creating Box Sets & Bundles Can Turbocharge Your Audiobook Marketing

Module 10

How to Use Review Codes in Your Audiobook Marketing Approach

Module 11

Take Up An Indie Audiobook Deals Marketing Opportunity

Module 12

How to Use UBL'S in Your Audiobook Marketing

Module 13

A Quick, Free and Easy Way to Use FaceBook to Market Your Audiobooks

Module 14

How to Make the Most of Audiobook Round Robins and Swaps

Module 15

Recap and Bonus iTunes Audiobook Tip for Your Advanced Audiobook Marketing for Wide Sales Success 

Rebecca Hefner

✑ USA Today Bestselling Author
✑ Fulltime indie author with in-depth understanding of audiobook distribution and marketing
✑ Bold Authors course host
✑ Founder, Marketing Audiobooks Wide Facebook Group
✑ Regular podcast guest

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"It's great when an audiobook marketing trailblazer is willing to share their hard-earned knowledge. Audiobook marketing can be such a complex field, but Rebecca shows us how achievable it actually is. Grateful." - Anna Featherstone.

Course Pricing


$28 USD

15 on-demand, self-paced video modules (1hr 10 minutes of targeted content) to help you successfully market your audiobooks
Course is available for a minimum of 1 year or the lifetime of the course/business (whichever is longer).  RETURNS: As this is a digital product, fairly priced and available for immediate consumption there are no returns or refunds on this product.