A Great Author Photo is Crucial to Building Your Author Brand.
 Find out how to make yours an effective one.

40 minute mini-course - all about author photos

Professional photographer Sophie Timothy from Sister Scout Studio will guide you through the author headshot process to ensure yours is a great one, has longevity and could be used for multiple purposes if required.

Want to know what to wear to your photo shoot?

Find out how to ensure the clothes and accessories you wear will have an impact and help build your author brand.

More importantly, how can you find and collaborate with a photographer to ensure you get the results you need.

This course will:

Explain the do's, don'ts and key considerations of author photos. 

Show you where to use your headshots to maximise your book and author marketing potential.

Give you relaxation tips and advice to ensure you get the most from the shoot.

Help you understand the huge amount of places your author photo will appear and why it's important to be comfortable and happy with yours.

Every traditionally-published and self-published author needs a
great author photo! This course will show you how to ensure yours is
professional and perfect for media  and marketing.

All About Author Photos

Ensure yours is a great one!

This author photo course will save you money and worry by telling you what you need to know to get it right the first time!
An author photo is a key piece in your author marketing toolkit, there are a whole lot of reasons to get it right.

You don't just need to write the book...you need to front it too!

Author photos build credibility, help you connect with readers and are a key tool you can use to win media coverage.

But, a lot can go wrong!

Just like with book cover design, you don't want to give responsibility for your author photo to a family member...unless they're a professional photographer!
But you also need to ensure you and your photographer are a good fit. 

Join professional photographer Sophie Timothy of Sister Scout Studio and Anna Featherstone, author of Look - it's Your Book! and founder of Bold Authors, for this mini course that will maximise the impact of your author photo.

In this presentation, you will:

  • learn why an author photo is so important
  • how you can use your author photo across multiple mediums to build your credibility, confidence and community.
  • discover the key things you need to discuss with your photographer before the shoot, including copyright and file requirements. 

This course is a great explainer about author photos. You'll learn why they're important, how to find the right photographer for you, what to wear, how to relax and so much more. This course draws on the expertise of photographer Sophie Timothy of Sister Scout Studio and author Anna Featherstone. 


"I didn't realise how much confidence having a decent author photo would give me. Thank you!"

"I received so much media coverage thanks to my author photo!"

What is Included in the Course...

Module 1

Welcome to the All About Author Photos Mini Course

Module 2

Why Authors Need Great Photos & Where To Use Them

Module 3

What to Discuss Pre-Shoot with Your Photographer

Module 4

What Clothes & Accessories Enhance a Great Author Photo

Module 5

Tips on How to Relax During Your Author Photo Session

Module 6

How to Choose the Right Photographer for You


Author Photo Checklist

Sophie Timothy

✑ Visual storyteller
✑ Professional photographer
✑ Author Photo Expert
✑ Branding photographer
✑ Small business champion
✑ Great human - dive into her ethics statement on the Sister Scout site!

Anna Featherstone

✑ Founder of Bold Authors
✑ Australian Ambassador for ALLi
✑ Judge of the Australian Business Book Awards
✑ Member presenter for the Australian Society of Authors (ASA)
✑ Author of the ASA recommended reading title: 'Look - It's Your Book!'
✑ Just love empowering people to make the world a kinder, better place for all.

This course is so new there aren't any testimonials yet, but a professional author photo is vital to your credibility as an author. This course will show you how to ensure yours is one to be proud of!

Don't say cheese, do this course and feel like a 'Bestseller' instead!

Course Pricing


$20 AUD