How to Join and Participate in a Writing Group to Become a Successful Author

When it’s harder than ever to get a book deal, joining a writing group could help you become a better writer, be championed by other authors, find a literary agent and unlock that dreamed of publishing deal. This course will show you how.

Discover how writing groups could be THE missing link in your potential author success. You’ll hear directly from international bestselling author Ashley Kalagian Blunt about how being in a writers group changed the course of her writing career (and that of other authors in her writing group!) and all the elements that will help you benefit from being in a writing group. If you think you've been there, done that, this course will make you think again, and if you've never joined a writing group before, you'll be fully informed and racing to after this course.

This course includes resources to help you find a writing group near you.

In this inspiring short course (1 hour 10 minutes in easily viewed modules) you’ll learn all about getting the best from writing groups including how to find a writing group near you (or start a writing group), how to give and receive feedback, and how to know when your group is not working and what to do about it. 

Are you just getting started on your writing career, a mid-career author or just ready to take your writing to a new level?

Do you want to get your manuscript in the best shape for submission to publishers and literary agents?

Do you ever struggle with procrastination?

Have you experienced the benefits of being in a flourishing writing group or lost your confidence from a toxic writers’ group?

This course will show you how when you join a writing group or start a writing group (the right way!), you will elevate your craft, build lifelong writing community connections, and possibly, secure that elusive publishing deal.

'Writers’ groups are often overlooked as a path to publication, but could literally be the key to your success - like they have been for mine,' Ashley Kalagian Blunt

Writing Groups

with bestselling author
Ashley Kalagian Blunt

Why do a course about writing groups? I tried one once and it didn't work!

If you’re aiming to have a sustainable writing career, a supportive and committed writers’ group can help you seriously improve your writing skills and achieve your creative and publishing goals. Not all writing groups are the same, and this course will show you how to get the best from yours, what to expect if a writers' group turns toxic and how to manage bringing new people into your writing group. More than that though, it will give you the confidence to start, join, continue with and improve a writers group so all participants benefit and move closer to the goal of publication.

This course will help you:

  • Understand what a writing group is and the positive effect it can have on your writing and writing career - you need to know this so you will take the step that could change your writing future.  
  • Identify how writing groups work, are writers' groups worth it and the opportunities for mutual growth and support they provide writers.  
  • Master the art of giving and receiving feedback on works in progress so the work is improved. 
  • Learn how to maintain a positive, active writers' group.
  • Improve your writing, because joining a writers' group and the giving and receiving of feedback is one of the fasted ways to improve your writing prowess.  
  • Grow in confidence as a writer.  
  • Save time - ever wondered 'where's a writing group near me'? The resources in this course include where to find a writers' group near you in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Discover why writers' groups are so valuable and could take you from unpublished author to published author.  
  • Find out how being in a writing group led to Ashley Kalagian Blunt becoming a bestselling author with a two-book deal.
  • Take the next step in your development as a writer so you can position yourself for new opportunities.

'My involvement in a writing group helped me measurably improve my writing, secure a two-book deal, launched me as a bestselling author and so much more.'

But not all writing groups are the same, and some can do more damage than they're worth - that's why this course will set you on the path to a successful writing group experience. 

This course is for writers anywhere in the world and will equip you with an understanding of how writers' groups work, what a writing group can do for your craft, how to successfully run or be a participant in a writers group, how to vet new members to ensure you're on the same page, how to join a writing group and how to leverage your writing group for publishing success.

For just $28AUD, tap into Ashley's passion and insights about writing groups - it may be just what you need to improve your writing, make writing community connections and get the publishing deal of your dreams. 

How do Writing Groups Work, Are Writers Groups Worth It and How Can You Start and Find a Writers Group  

In this course for Bold Authors, best-selling author Ashley Kalagian Blunt generously shares her experiences of being a member of writing groups - so you can have a positive writers' group experience. 
You'll appreciate Ashley's insights, tips and the process she and her writers' group use to improve each other's work and support each other. 
Finding and joining a writing group can have a huge impact on your writing career - in this course you'll learn what a healthy writing group looks and feels like and how you can find a writing group to join near you. 

Join best-selling author Ashley Kalagian Blunt for this course that will show you how to harness the power of writing groups to improve your chances of success.

In this presentation, you will:

  • learn the compelling reasons behind why a writing group could be the secret ingredient to your future writing success.
  • benefit from hearing examples of Ashley's own experience as a member of various writing groups.
  • discover if writing groups really work, how they work, and what to do if your writers' group is not working.


'I was absolutely inspired by Ashley's take on writing groups, I'd never realised just how valuable being a part of one could be.'

'I immediately started looking up 'writing groups near me'.'

What is Included in the Course...

Module 1

Introduction & welcome to Writers' Groups

Module 2

Why joining a writers’ group is the best way to improve your skills and achieve your author goals: Reasons join or found a writers group

Module 3

How do you even find a writers group that suit you?

Module 4

Improving your craft – advice on getting the most from your writing group 

Module 5

How to give feedback in a writers group, even if you’re new to writing

Module 6

How to take feedback on your writing

Module 7

You don’t have to do it alone! How the support of your writers’ group can help you tackle imposter syndrome, procrastination and other common challenges

Module 8

How to know if your writers’ group is dysfunctional and what to do about it

Module 9

Some final thoughts from Ashley on writing groups

Module 10

Resource Sheet: Key writing groups and organisations in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand 

Ashley Kalagian Blunt

✑ Bestselling author of psychological thriller 'Dark Mode'
✑ Writers festival host and panellist
✑ Co-host of the 'James and Ashley Stay Home' Podcast about writing, creativity and health
✑ Her writing appears widely in international publications
✑ Writing workshop host
✑ Author of multiple works including memoir, essays and a thriller novella

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'I'd never fully realised the power of being in a writing group until now, this course has lit a fire under me!' - Anna Featherstone.

Course Pricing


$28 AUD

Includes 9 video modules and a how to find a writers group resource so you can start enjoying the benefits of being in a writing group pronto! 
Course is available for a minimum of 1 year or the lifetime of the course/business (whichever is longer).  RETURNS: As this is a digital product, fairly priced and available for immediate consumption there are no returns or refunds on this product.