What Authors Need to Know About
'Going Wide with Audiobooks'

Want to know how to distribute your audiobooks to ensure you earn a higher percentage of royalties and the most control of your author business, audiobook marketing and author income?

This course, hosted by Rebecca Hefner, USA Today bestselling author and audiobook marketing and distribution expert will help you understand the audiobook landscape and your options.

The audiobook industry is rapidly changing.
Want to know how to reach new audiobook fans?
Want to continue and build your relationship with current ones?
No longer is 'exclusivity' the name of the game.

In this course, Rebecca Hefner reveals how a strategy of 'going wide' might benefit you as an author in the short and long term - and if you don't yet understand the term 'going wide' or how to go about it - you will soon will thanks to this course.

'Distributing your audiobooks to wide platforms can increase your visibility and grow your income much faster than being exclusive to ACX/Audible.' Rebecca Hefner

Benefit immediately from actionable tips:

In less than 30 minutes of key information, you'll hear directly from USA best-selling author Rebecca Hefner about the current distribution options open to authors and their audiobooks. Learn from Rebecca's experience successfully selling audiobooks and building her audience through a 'wide' strategy. 

This course will help you:

  • Understand what 'going wide' means - and how to do it!  
  • Identify the key platforms to distribute your audiobook to.  
  • Learn the differences between the platforms and how to take advantages of their offerings.  
  • Compare an ACX/Amazon exclusive strategy versus an audiobook distribution and marketing strategy involving numerous platforms.  
  • Embrace the opportunities available to audiobook authors by being flexible, nimble and using a wide strategy to best advantage

What Authors Need to Know About a 'Wide' Audiobook Distribution & Marketing Strategy

with USA Today bestselling author and audiobook marketing strategist Rebecca Hefner

What are some practical steps you can take to find and grow an audience for your audiobooks? 

A well-implemented, non-exclusive audiobook distribution and marketing strategy could be the answer to your author goals.

This accessibly-priced course will explain how you can 'go wide', why it's worth it and the key platforms to make use of and how.
The audiobook space is a rapidly growing sector of the book market and one where indie authors can experience great success. Find out from someone who is! 

For just $USD18, tap into Rebecca's insights, fill your information gap and be empowered to successfully distribute your audiobook.

Do you want to reach the widest audience possible for your audiobook - and earn the highest percentage of royalties?

In this course for Bold Authors, author and audiobook expert Rebecca Hefner discloses the why's and how's of a 'wide' audiobook distribution strategy - a strategy she has implemented for her own audiobooks with great success.
'Gone are the days where Audible was the only key player in the market. There's a huge shift on the horizon and it's a great opportunity for audiobook creators.'

Join US Today Bestselling Author, author coach and audiobook distribution and marketing strategy expert Rebecca Hefner as she guides your through the various platforms open to indie authors and audiobooks.

In this presentation, you will:

  • learn what 'going wide with audiobooks' means, and understand how it can benefit you - short and long term - as an author.
  • benefit from insights into the audiobook market and how it is relevant to you and your book's success.
  • discover alternative platforms and opportunities to ACX/Amazon and how you can use them to your advantage.


'Learn directly from an indie author who is actively writing, producing and successfully distributing and marketing audiobooks.'

'Facts, figures and ideas for current and future audiobook success.'

'Marketing audiobooks wide is an important course for any author so they can understand the audiobook market and the options open to them.'

What is Included in the Course...

Module 1

Introduction to the Wide Audiobooks Course and Your Host, Rebecca Hefner

Module 2

What Does 'Going Wide' with Audiobooks Mean?

Module 3

All About ACX & How It Affects Your Audiobook Distribution Strategy

Module 4

How (& why!) to Distribute to Other (non-ACX) Audiobook Platforms

Module 5

Your Wide Audiobook Distribution Strategy Utilising: Findaway Voices

Module 6

All About Kobo As Part of Your Audiobook Distribution & Marketing Strategy

Module 7

How to Use Bookfunnel as Part of Your Wide Audiobook Strategy

Module 8

Incorporating YouTube into Your Wide Audiobook Strategy

Module 9

Audiobook Production Options - If you haven't even produced your audiobook yet - start here

Module 10

Recap and Resources for Your Wide Audiobook Strategy 

Rebecca Hefner

✑ USA Today Bestselling Author
✑ Fulltime indie author with in-depth understanding of audiobook distribution and marketing
✑ Bold Authors course host
✑ Founder, Marketing Audiobooks Wide Facebook Group
✑ Regular podcast guest

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"It was great working on this course with Rebecca as she has such a clear understanding of the opportunities in the audiobook space - and how to go about grabbing them. So generous too in sharing her knowledge so other authors can benefit.Thanks Rebecca! " - Anna Featherstone.

Course Pricing


$18 USD

10 video modules that will help you understand and confidently pursue a wide audiobook distribution strategy. 
Course is available for a minimum of 1 year or the lifetime of the course/business (whichever is longer).  RETURNS: As this is a digital product, fairly priced and available for immediate consumption there are no returns or refunds on this product.



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Michael Sheehan Sheehan

Wonderful Introduction

Highly recommended for an author just entering the audiobook world

5 months ago