Want to be an author?
Discover the best publication pathway for you!
This video course is just over 1 hour in length and is led by 2 publishing insiders. 

Traditional Publishing

In this course you will hear from traditional publishing insider Nadine Davidoff about the benefits of being published by traditional publishers. But you won't just hear the advantages, you'll also hear the reasons why traditional publishing isn't for everyone.

Self-Publishing for
Indie Authors

What are the upsides of self-publishing, and what are the downsides for writers in this day and age? You'll hear from Anna Featherstone, a self-publishing expert. You'll be given a great understanding of the industry so you can choose if self-publishing is really for you.

Assisted & Hybrid Publishing

Assisted publishing can be a great option for authors who are time poor - but what are the disadvantages of this model and what will you need to look out for when it comes to scammers and vanity publishers? Our experts will guide you through all the pitfalls and possibilities.

This course will open your eyes to the pitfalls and possibilities of each publishing model so you can choose the best option for you, your book and your author career.

Publication Pathways: Traditional, Self-Publishing or Assisted Publishing - Which is right for you?

Join us for a clear-eyed view of the various publishing pathways open to you. 

This course clearly lays out the different publishing pathways and the pros and cons of each. By completion you will have a unique insight into each publishing model. This insight will enable you to align your book and aspirations to the publishing pathway that best suits you.

Gain inside knowledge of the Australian publishing industry to give you a clear idea of the right publishing pathway for you. This will help you avoid timely and costly potholes or backtracking.  

The course includes quizzes and worksheets to help you connect what you learn to what would work best for your own book.

Getting a traditional publishing deal used to be the ultimate goal of most writers. However, the industry has changed markedly in the last few years thanks to technology - ebooks, audiobooks and Print on Demand (POD) technology as well as the habits of the book-buying public and the entrepreneurial efforts of writers across the world.

This course is not intended to sway you either way, but to give you a balanced view of all the opportunities open to you as an author. Every writer is different. We have varying goals, resources and skills, and publishing is no longer a one-size suits all space.

Join Nadine Davidoff, a traditional publishing expert and Anna Featherstone, author of Look - it's Your Book! and founder of Bold Authors, for this highly useful course that will reveal all the ins-and-outs of the publishing industry so you can choose the most beneficial path for you and your manuscript.

In this course, you will:

  • learn how to distinguish between the different publishing models
  • gain an understanding of which might be the most beneficial publishing pathway for you
  • discover the upsides and downsides of each publishing model. 

This course is a collaboration between Nadine Davidoff and Anna Featherstone and is based on their extensive knowledge of the industry and courses they have run for a variety of writing and publishing organisations. It contains added material including checklists and quizzes.

"It's great to get clarity on the different publishing options."

"I hadn't really thought about the various pathways open to me. I thought it was one way or the highway."

"Thanks for your honesty, it's given me a lot to think about."

What is Included in the Course...

Module 1

Welcome. Why are you writing? What are your goals? 

Module 2

Traditional Publishing - The Upsides

Module 3

Traditional Publishing - The Downsides

Module 4

Self-Publishing - The Upsides

Module 5

Self-Publishing - The Downsides

Module 6

Hybrid Publishing - The Upsides

Module 7

Hybrid Publishing - The Downsides

Module 8

Where to from here?


Quizzes to help you focus on the best pathway for you


Goal Setting, Summary + Task list

Nadine Davidoff

✑ Traditional publishing expert
✑ Freelance editor (fiction & non-fiction)
✑ Former Commissioning Editor at Black Inc
✑ Former Senior Editor at Harper Collins
✑ Writing Mentor

Anna Featherstone

✑ Founder of Bold Authors
✑ Australian Ambassador for ALLi
✑ Judge of the Australian Business Book Awards
✑ Member presenter for the Australian Society of Authors (ASA)
✑ Author of the ASA recommended reading title: 'Look - It's Your Book!' 

'This course is invaluable! I had no idea how to find out this information as there seemed to be a lot of conflicting information out there from various questionable online sources. It would highly recommend this to any aspiring author who wants a clear idea of the nuts and bolts of the Australian Publishing industry, how this fits in Internationally, and benefits and pitfalls of the different publishing paths and how they may work or not work for you and your book. I can't wait to see what other courses will be added next.'  Janet Stone - Freelance Writer and Editor and Aspiring Author. 

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$25 AUD