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Are you ready to take your book to new heights?

An accomplished writing career is built on more than talent alone—it requires strategic showcasing of your skills and finding the right opportunities. 

First impressions count, and the way in which you effectively present your skills and achievements, can make a compelling first impression, while also directing you to the funding opportunities that can fuel your writing career.

We have combined two of our most popular courses "Crafting a Winning CV and Writer's Statement" and "Grants for UK Writers: Securing Your Future in Writing", to help you catapult your writing career.

These courses are not simply educational tools, they are critical stepping stones in your journey towards a prosperous writing career. With Bold Authors, you are not just learning, but strategically advancing your writing career to new heights.

Maximising Career Opportunities

Access this incredibly valuable course bundle and learn how to craft a standout CV, write an impactful Writer's Statement, and navigate the vast field of grants available for UK writers. 

 Embrace the opportunity to not only enhance your writing skills but also build a robust professional network and gain recognition in the industry.

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 Join Melissa Addey as she shares her wide experience so you can get cracking on the next step in your author journey!

How to Craft a Professional and Compelling Writer's CV and Writer's Statement

Uncover all the basics of how to prepare a writer's CV - as well as more complex techniques and ideas to make your writer's CV standout.

Grants for UK Writers & Authors 

A must-do course for any author serious about learning how to find grants, apply for grants and win grants.

Be inspired! These courses could boost your income & improve your craft! It will show you what's possible.

 Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to navigate the writing industry efficiently, and convert your passion into a lucrative career. Seize this invaluable opportunity to not just improve your writing but to transform your future! Your journey towards becoming a successful author begins here.

Learn from an accomplished author Melissa Addey, who has leveraged her writing career to attain financial sustainability and professional growth. Avoid the frustration of puzzling out the intricacies on your own. Let Melissa show you how.

All for just $40 GBP

These courses are like having an 'author-whisperer' sharing all of the vital information about writer's CV's writer's statement & grant applying...

With none of the fluff!
Don't waste your time trying to figure it all out for yourself!!

All the information you need to expand your professional opportunities is available in this course bundle.

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"If I'd had another writer share with me all the knowledge in this course, I wouldn't have had to spend years running all around the internet and making lots of mistakes and missing opportunities while I figured it out. Writing is creative, but it also needs to be treated like a business to nurture a sustainable writing career. Investing in this course is a no brainer for UK writers and authors, no matter the stage of your writing career.
Melissa Addey, full-time author.

"Melissa Addey is a trusted guide and generous sharer of knowledge about all things grants for authors in the UK. Working with her on this course has shown me just how many opportunities there are for authors to apply for and win grants, from small through to large and life-changing."
Anna Featherstone, Author and Founder, Bold Authors

Draw on the expertise and experience of author and multi-time grant recipient 
Melissa Addey

If you want to...

  • Understand how a writing CV and writer's statement can impact your current and potential future as an author.
  • Win a writing grant to help your author career, to get time to write, build your skills and author business.

Then this course bundle is for you!

Get up to speed and learn some of the best strategies for authors for only $40 GBP!

In these courses you will learn...

Writer's CV & Writer's Statement

  • understand what a writer's CV is and how to think about it and prepare yours to achieve results.
  • identify opportunities where you can put your writer's CV to work.
  • master  the concept of a creative writer's statement (also known as an artist's statement).
  • learn how to draw attention to the details that will have the most impact in your writer's CV.
  • improve your professionalism.
  • grow in confidence as a writer.
  • save time because once you have prepared your CV you can use it again and again.  
  • discover how other writers write their CV's and writer's statement when applying for writing grants, creative projects and business grants.  
  • use the process of creating your writer's CV as a way to plan your author goals and to identify gaps so you can start filling them in!
  • take the next step in you're development as a writer so you can position yourself for new opportunities to expand your career.

Grants for UK Writers & Authors

  • understand the grant process, from application right through to execution.  
  • learn just how valuable grants can be to your future as a writer
  • discover the different types of grants available to writers, from literary to local council, travel and research through to business grants, and how to go about getting them. 
  • the steps needed to think about project viability and to put your application in the best light.  
  • learn how to maximise the effects of grants to further your writing career and so you can benefit from the 'spiral of success'.  
  • grow in knowledge and courage as you replace a lack of knowledge with tried and true grant application approaches. 
  • learn about many different opportunities for writers in the UK. 
  • improve your chances of being successful.  
  • benefit from real world knowledge of successful grant applications.

Writer's CV & Writer's Statement

Create a Professional Writer's Resume
& Writer's Statement

Get access to

  • Module 1- Introduction & welcome to Craft a Compelling Writer's CV course
  • Module 2 - What is a Writer's CV and Why Does Every Author Need One?
  • Module 3 - Writer's CV Basics - Get These Things Right
  • Module 4 - What Makes for an Impressive Writer's CV? The Extra Things You Can Do and Do Well
  • Module 5 - What is a Writer's Statement? Here are the Tips to Prepare Yours.
  • Module 6 - How to Fill in the Gaps to Bolster Your Writer's CV When You're Not Sure You've Done Enough
  • Module 7 - A Real World Example of a Writer's CV That Has Achieved Results
  • Module 8 - Some Final Tips About Your Writer's CV

Grants for UK Writers & Authors

How to Find Grants, Apply for Grants
 & Win Grants

Get access to

  • Module 1 - Introduction and Welcome to the Grants for UK Writers and Authors Course
  • Module 2 - Why Apply for Grants for Your Writing and Author Business
  • Module 3 - What Can Writers and Authors Use Grants to Pay For?
  • Module 4 - Applying for Grants in the UK: The Basics for Writers
  • Module 5 - What Writers Need to Cover in Your Grant Application
  • Module 6 - What Funding Bodies Love to Hear from Grant Applicants
  • Module 7 - How to Stay Organised and Keep Track of Grant Opportunities, Applications and Obligations
  • Module 8 - How to Apply for a Grant of Time/Money/Skills from Your Employer
  • Module 9 - How to Reach Your Author Goals by Capitalising on ‘Warm’ Contacts & Through the Creation of Bespoke Roles
  • Module 10 - An Author’s Account of Apply For, Winning and Delivering on Grants
  • Module 11 - Increase Your Chances of Future Grants by Being a 5-Star Grant Recipient
  • Module 12 - How and Where to Find Grants for Writers & Authors in the UK
  • Module 13 - Information for Writers about Applying for Funding for MA’s & PhD’s in the UK
  • Module 14 - Final Tips and the Spiral of Success That Winning Grants Can Create for Writers and Authors
  • Bonuses - Excel spreadsheet template: Grant Possibilities and Grant Applications Tracker List of UK grants for writers and authors

Melissa Addey

✑ Full-time author of historical fiction
✑ Previous Writer in Residence at The British Library
✑ PhD in Creative Writing
✑ MA in Business Innovation
✑ Writing workshop host
✑ Campaigner, ALLi (The Alliance of Independent Authors)

melissa addey

THESE COURSES WILL QUICKLY show you how you can open the doors of opportunity!

Understand how to stand tall in the competitive writing industry and learn Melissa's expert roadmap to navigating the challenging terrains of the writing world.

Don't let your voice get lost in the crowd!

With these courses you're not just imagining a successful writing career - you're actively building it!

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$40 GBP

On-demand, self-paced video modules to help you successfully create a professional writer's resume & writer's statement & master the art grant applying & winning.
Course is available for a minimum of 1 year or the lifetime of the course/business (whichever is longer).  RETURNS: As this is a digital product, fairly priced and available for immediate consumption there are no returns or refunds on this product.