Advance Information Sheet/Book Sell Sheets
are a vital part of successfully publicising your book.
In less than 10 minutes, this mini-course will show you how
will provide you with editable templates to create your own

Why do you need an AIS/Book Sell Sheet?

Advance information sheets (AIS), also known as book sell sheets are an important book marketing tool.

A good one is key to alerting bookstores, librarians, media and reviewers to your upcoming book and where they can purchase it from.

In less than 10 minutes,
you will learn:

- What an Advance Information Sheet / Book Sell Sheet is
- Why you need one
- All the vital details to include
- How to makes yours professional-looking
- Who to send your AIS to
- When to send it out
- And all the important information to include on it.

The best part?
Access templates to save you time, money & worry

This mini course includes SAMPLE CANVA TEMPLATES so you can:  quickly create your own unique Advance Information Sheet

This mini-course with templates will spark your imagination and creative juices, and enable you to quickly and easily create your own professional standard AIS that fits with your book and author brand.

Every traditionally-published and self-published author needs a great
Advance Information Sheet to help promote their book.

Advance Information/Book Sell Sheet Templates & Mini Course

Create a book sell sheet to be proud of, and maximise your book promotion opportunities

In just 9 minutes you'll learn all you need to know about Advance Information Sheets!

Examples of book sell sheets are hard to come across unless you work directly in publishing, book-selling or the media.

I created this course to help authors quickly discover the key elements of a good book sell sheet, how to use it, where to send it, when to send it and how to make it look professional.

In this super quick mini-course, you'll get plenty of insights and importantly, examples of book sell sheets plus your very own editable templates that you can use as the basis for your yours!

Unlock industry inside information and all the tools you need to create your own AIS.

The many tasks involved in planning, writing, publishing and marketing a book can make even a veteran author and publisher feel overwhelmed.

An AIS/Book Sell Sheet is just one of the tools you'll need.

This course makes the creation of yours fast and easy! 

Join Anna Featherstone, author of Look - It's Your Book! and founder of Bold Authors, for this highly useful course, full of actionable information and important tips.

Anna will demystify Advance Information Sheets AND provide you with editable templates in Canva so you can quickly create your own. 

In this presentation, you will:

  • learn how all about Advance Information/Book Sell Sheets
  • gain an understanding of how to use yours and where to send it.
  • get access to templates to create your own. 

This course shares information that Anna Featherstone has presented live for writing groups.
It contains editable templates to make the creation of your book sell sheet fast, easy and economical. 

"I didn't know where or how to start my AIS, this made it simple."

"The templates were great, thanks."

"Good to see how these are meant to look!"

What is Included in the Course...

Module 1

All you need to know about Advance Information Sheets

AIS/Book Sell Sheet Templates

Editable Templates in Canva so you can create your own

Anna Featherstone

✑ Founder of Bold Authors
✑ Australian Ambassador for ALLi
✑ Judge of the Australian Business Book Awards
✑ Member presenter for the Australian Society of Authors (ASA)
✑ Author of the ASA recommended reading title: 'Look - It's Your Book!' 

This mini-course is so new I don't have any testimonials yet :) , but if I'd have had access to a handy guide on Advance Information/Book Sell Sheets, it would have saved me hours and a whole lot of wondering about what and how to create my own!

My book sell sheets led libraries to purchase my books and media to cover my books - it really is an important marketing tool to get right. I hope you enjoy creating your own.

Course Pricing


$20 AUD