Grants for Australian Writers and Publishing Businesses

How to Find Grants, Apply for Grants and Win Grants.

All about grants for Australian writers in just over 1 hour + downloads.

Are you nervous about applying for a grant or don't even know where to start?

The host of this course is Amra Pajalic, a multiple grant recipient who also has experience as an assessor on Creative Victoria's Literature Panel.

Your host knows grants from both sides of the table so has a wealth of insights.

Amra is here to share information with you so you can confidently and competently apply for writing and business grants.


Includes annotated sample of a successful funding application + current list of grant opportunities!

Yes! You'll get to see a real life example of a successful grant!

Find out how to approach your grant application.

BONUS: A WHOLE MODULE ON THE EMDG GRANT (Export Market Development Grant) to help you with overseas marketing of your works!

Explore a current list of literary and writing business grant opportunities!

This course will:

  • Explain the grant process, from application right through to execution. 
  • Show you how to plan your project in light of what the assessors will be looking for.  
  • Explain the importance of support letters in your grant application, and how to go about getting them. 
  • Help you think about project viability and to put your application in the best light.  
  • Help you maximise the effects of the grant to further your writing career.  
  • Explain the EMDG Grant and how to apply.

This course could boost your income & improve your craft!
It includes real life successful grant examples.
No more flailing about wondering how to respond to criteria.

Grants for Australian Writers

A must-do course for any author serious about seeking grant funding

This Grants for Australian Writers course will save you a huge amount of time and take away the confusion of literary and small business grant applications.

You'll learn what to focus on and why, as well as the how of putting your submission together.

Taught by a successful grant recipient and grant assessor, this course will reveal the simple steps you need to take to give your writing project the best chance of success.

If you want to win a writing grant to help your author career, to get time to write, to build your skills or author business, this course will help. It draws on the expertise and experience of author, small press owner, grant recipient and grant assessor, Amra Pajalic. 

Are you nervous about applying for a grant due to the fear of being rejected? This course will set you at ease and also give you plenty of ideas for how to deal with rejection if it does come your way.

But fear of rejection is no excuse to not apply for a grant! And with this course, you'll know what it takes to give a grant application your best shot.
This course could help you establish and build your writing career, improve your craft, earn grants worth thousands of dollars and build your author business. 

Join author, small press owner, grant recipient and grant assessor Amra Pajalic for this course to give yourself the best chance of applying for and winning an Australian literary or small business writing grant.

In this online grant writing course, you will:

  • grow in knowledge and courage as you replace a lack of knowledge with tried and true grant application approaches.
  • learn how to ask others to support your application.
  • improve your chances of being successful. 
  • benefit from access to a real world, successful grant application.

"If I'd had the opportunity to do this course before I first applied for my first lot of grants, I might have received my first grant much sooner!" 
Amra Pajalic, Course Host

"I learned so much from working with Amra on this course, it makes me question why I've never applied for a writing or business grant for my writing efforts before!"

Anna Featherstone, Author and Founder, Bold Authors

What is Included in the Course...

Module 1

Introduction and Welcome to the Course

Module 2

How a grant can support your writing goals and business

Module 3

Grant basics and hot tips

Module 4

The types of writing and business grants available to authors

Module 5

How to successfully apply for grants

Module 6

How to select a writing sample for a creative grant

Module 7

The importance of support letters and how to get them

Module 8

Other supporting documents you will need

Module 9

How to make your application stand out - in a good way!

Module 10

What happens if your grant application is rejected?

Module 11

How to meet your grant obligations

Module 12

How to maximise your grant to build your author business and writing career

Module 13

Example of a real world, successful funding application

Module 14

Where to find current grant opportunities


All about the EMDG
Export Market Development Grant

Amra Pajalic

✑ Award-winning author, editor and teacher
✑ Three-time Artists in Schools funding recipient
✑ Previous assessor on the Creative Victoria Literary Panel
✑ Writing mentor and presenter
✑ Small press owner (Pishukin Press)
✑ Grant expert: recipient of multiple writing and publishing grants including business, creative and community development grants.

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Course Pricing


$49 AUD

  • 14 Video Modules
  • Annotated Sample of a Real World Grant Application (PDF) 
  • Guided Questions to Answer the Criterion (PDF) 
  • List of Current Grant Opportunities for Australian Writers 
  • BONUS MODULE: EMDG Grant for Writers