How to Get Your Book into Australian Libraries

(Find out how to market to Aus libraries, how libraries buy books and why as an author you want libraries to buy yours)

This 30 minute mini-course shows in easy steps how Australian authors can get their books onto the shelves of Australian libraries.

Whether you are traditionally published or self-published, there are huge benefits to your book being available to the public through libraries.

This course will give you all the information, links and details you need to give your book the best chance of making it onto library shelves and e-lending across the country.

All the info, tips & downloads you need to save time and headspace! 

Follow the steps in this course to give your book the best chance of being accepted and embraced by Australian libraries.

From administrative to marketing tips, the knowledge shared in this course could see you not only expanding exposure for your book, but also earning extra book sales and ongoing lending rights. That means $$$ back in your author pocket.

Don't waste time and headspace, this course about how to get your book into Australian libraries gets straight to the point and gives you all the tools and contacts you need to achieve library visibility.

This course will:

  • Help you avoid the mistakes that lead to librarians saying 'no' to books. 
  • Explain the benefits for authors of having books on library shelves.  
  • Show you how to find and work with Australian library distributors.  
  • Give you the book and author marketing ideas you need to build demand for your book so librarians are more likely to order it in.  
  • Help you navigate the admin side to set your book up for the library system.  
  • Save you a huge amount of time thanks to downloads with links to libraries across the country so you can target your marketing outreach.

Get your fiction or non-fiction book into Australian Libraries

Why you want to, how to do it and how to maximise the results.

This course lays out all the steps you need to take to register your book in Australian library systems, find and work with library wholesalers and use smart marketing to build library demand for your book.

There's nothing quite like being able to say that the book you worked so hard on is available in libraries. And not just that, but that every year more and more readers are discovering your books and that you get an annual payment into your bank account for the privilege!

Join author and Bold Authors founder Anna Featherstone for this mini course that will give you the best shot of setting up for, receiving and maximising the benefits of book sales to libraries.

Royalties from library sales and ongoing lending rights payments can have a huge impact on the bottom line for authors, but it's not just about the money - it's about the exposure your book gets by being accessible in the public library system.

In this presentation, you will:

  • learn the administrative steps to take to get your book set up for library distribution
  • get instant access to key library distributors and library contacts.
  • discover the many ways to increase library demand for your book and benefit from the resulting sales and lending rights payments. 

This course gives you the facts you need to get your book into Australian libraries.

This course is highly practical and gives you the tools and contacts you need to approach library distributors and libraries, as well as set yourself up in the systems so you can benefit from library loans of your book.

"I wish this course was around when I was trying to get any first book into libraries!"

"Even traditionally-published authors can benefit from the library marketing ideas in this course."

"To see my book in library is the dream."

What is Included in the Course...

Module 1

Welcome to the Course

Module 2

Unlocking Opportunities for You as an Author:
The benefits of having your book available in Australian libraries

Module 3

What You Need to Do to Get Set Up for the Australian Library System - Admin & Registrations Tips

Module 4

How to Find Australian Library Distributors & List Your Book with Them

Module 5

How to Build Library Demand for Your Book Through Smart Marketing

Module 6

Capitalise on Your Book's Availability in Libraries including through lending rights and copyright payments


Contact list for Australian library distributors
Links to register your book in key systems
Links to government schemes to register with for financial payments
Links to contact details for libraries across Australia (to use in your marketing outreach)

Anna Featherstone

✑ Author of 'Look-It's Your Book' & other titles (all available in/through Australian libraries)
✑ Judge of the Australian Business Book Awards
✑ Australian Ambassador for Alliance of Independent Authors
✑ Founder of Bold Authors
✑ Author & Book Marketing consultant

"If you're an author looking to get your books into libraries... take Anna Featherstone's cost-effective course for all the answers you need. In fact, if you're an author Anna should be on your radar for all things book publishing."
Rachel Smith, Founder, Rachel's List (

Course Pricing


$30 AUD


Give yourself the best chance of getting your book onto library shelves!



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A comprehensive guide to getting your book into Australian libraries with all the links you need, plus some great marketing tips to boot.

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