Nail Your Writer's CV & Writer's Statement

A writer's CV and writer's statement is an essential tool for any author, wherever you are in the world. This course will show you how to put together a compelling one so you are ready to act - or create - that next opportunity.

A great writer's CV and artist's statement will help you pitch for literary and business grants (yes...that means $$$), residencies, fellowships, new clients, literary agents and publishers, as well as to raise your profile and cement your standing with media, podcasters and readers and writers festivals.
This course includes a writers statement example.

Benefit from full-time author Melissa Addey's lived experience of using her writer's CV to secure all of the above! Melissa used her writer's CV and writer's statement to secure writing grants, learning opportunities and writing residencies worth £74,800 (approx $USD 96,000 / $AUD $144,000) in 5 years - in addition to her writing and working income.

Save time and elevate your professionalism by having a great writer's CV and writer's statement on hand (examples included). It offers an easy-to-refer-to repository of your achievements, which is crucial when applying for grants, fellowships and residencies. You can also use your Writer's CV and Writer's Statement to apply to teach creative workshops, get booked on podcasts or pitching to appear on panels at festivals for readers or writers. It's also a great way to showcase yourself to media outlets who may want to book you as a guest on radio or TV or feature you and your writing in print media. 

In this course, Melissa Addey will cover all the basics of how to prepare a writer's CV - as well as more complex techniques and ideas to make your writer's CV really standout and to proactively address the doubts and questions of those reading it.

You'll learn what to include, what to address and what to leave off your literary CV.

Importantly, you'll also learn about a writer's statement (like an artist's statement but for writers!). What it is, what it needs to include, and how to present yourself and your approach to your writing in a creative, compelling way. Having an example of a writers statement to refer to - will save you so much time as you create yours.

Melissa will also reveal what elements of your experience to focus on so you'll be able to tell and position the story of your writing career so far... in the hope it will go further still! 

'If you’ve been told that you cannot make a living as a writer, you might have been sold a lie. Melissa Addey’s course on writing a compelling writer’s CV and statement is full of resources and money-making ideas for entrepreneurial writers. This course turns an amateur into an in-demand writer. Melissa lists countless strategies on making money with your writing – many of which, I have never heard of before, and I have a degree in writing and publishing.' - Sylvia Dziuba, Author.

Benefit immediately from actionable tips:

This course offers some incredibly useful strategy and tips for writers and runs a little over 1 hour (organised into easily digestible modules). It includes creative ideas and templates so you can get a head start creating your own Literary CV and writer's creative statement.

From the very basics right through to how to fill up a CV when you've done very little but need to put your writing and creative approach forward in the best way possible, this course will guide you through.

Melissa shares her wide experience so you can get cracking on the next step in your author journey!

This course will help you:

  • Understand what a writer's CV is and how to think about it and prepare yours to achieve results.  
  • Identify opportunities where you can put your writer's CV to work.  
  • Master the concept of a creative writer's statement (also known as an artist's statement).  
  • Learn how to draw attention to the details that will have the most impact in your writer's CV.
  • Improve your professionalism.  
  • Grow in confidence as a writer.  
  • Save time because once you have prepared your CV you can use it again and again.  
  • Discover how other writers write their CV's and writer's statement when applying for writing grants, creative projects and business grants.  
  • Use the process of creating your writer's CV as a way to plan your author goals and to identify gaps so you can start filling them in!
  • Take the next step in you're development as a writer so you can position yourself for new opportunities.

How to Craft a Professional and Compelling Writer's CV and Writer's Statement

with full-time author Melissa Addey

'I used my writer's CV and writer's statement to secure writing grants and writing residencies worth £74,800 in 5 years'

It's worth getting your literary CV and writing/artist statement done, and done right! This course will show you how.

This course is for writers anywhere in the world and will equip you with everything you need to know about creating writer's resumes and creative statements. You'll learn how to focus in on your writer's 'why' and to prepare a compelling case through your writer's CV and statement.

For just $18GBP, tap into Melissa's insights, set your potential as a writer on a solid path and stop procrastinating about taking this next step in your author career. 

How can creating a writer's CV and writer's statement help your writing career? In so many ways!

In this course for Bold Authors, full-time author Melissa Addey shares how creating a writer's CV and writer/artist's statement can not only help you win literary and business grants, residencies and author marketing opportunities - but how the actual process can highlight gaps in your resume/experience so you can start filling them.

No, a writer's CV is not like an ordinary work resume! There is a different focus altogether. And if you're a newer writer and your writing CV is practically empty - don't worry, this course will show you how to fill in the gaps and enhance your writer's CV.

You'll appreciate Melissa's insights, tips and the process she uses to create a polished, impactful writing resume and writer's statement that you'll be proud of. Suitable for authors around the world, both traditionally and self-published, this course offers truly useful information and templates you can put into action straight away.

When you understand how a writing CV and writer's statement can impact your current and potential future as an author, you'll be so glad you did this course!
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Join full-time author Melissa Addey for this course that will show you what you need to do to create a professional writer's resume and writer's statement.

In this presentation, you will:

  • learn the compelling reasons behind why you need a current writer's CV and writer's statement.
  • benefit from viewing examples of an author's resume as well as getting access to templates to jumpstart your own.
  • discover exactly where to focus and how to adjust your writer's resume for the best results.


'Learn from an author who has used her writer's CV and writer's statement to achieve financial and professional writing goals.'

'Don't waste time trying to figure it out for yourself, all the information you need to create your own author CV and creative statement is here.'

'This course offers some great strategies for authors who want to expand their professional opportunities.'

What is Included in the Course...

Module 1

Introduction & welcome to Craft a Compelling Writer's CV course

Module 2

What is a Writer's CV and Why Does Every Author Need One?

Module 3

Writer's CV Basics - Get These Things Right

Module 4

What Makes for an Impressive Writer's CV? The Extra Things You Can Do and Do Well

Module 5

What is a Writer's Statement? Here are the Tips to Prepare Yours.

Module 6

How to Fill in the Gaps to Bolster Your Writer's CV When You're Not Sure You've Done Enough

Module 7

A Real World Example of a Writer's CV That Has Achieved Results

Module 8

Some Final Tips About Your Writer's CV

Melissa Addey

✑ Full-time author of historical fiction
✑ Previous Writer in Residence at The British Library
✑ PhD in Creative Writing
✑ MA in Business Innovation
✑ Writing workshop host
✑ Campaigner, ALLi (The Alliance of Independent Authors)

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"What I loved about this course, besides all the useful information Melissa shares about how to put a writer's CV together, is how she also reveals the practical steps writers can take to create opportunities for creative and professional growth. Thanks Melissa for sharing your wisdom and encouragement with us on Bold Authors!" - Anna Featherstone.

Course Pricing


$18 GBP

8 video modules that will help you discover the key elements to a great Writer's CV including how to prepare a Writer's Statement. You can use your CV to apply for grants, residencies as well as to showcase yourself to festivals, agents, publishers and more.
Course is available for a minimum of 1 year or the lifetime of the course/business (whichever is longer).  RETURNS: As this is a digital product, fairly priced and available for immediate consumption there are no returns or refunds on this product.