How to Get Your Book Noticed with Writing Groups

Struggling to get your book seen? Discover how to get your book noticed with writing groups and learn strategies on how to get started.

If you're an emerging author, chances are you've asked yourself, "How do I get my book noticed?" And honestly, you’ve probably wondered about how to take that next step with your writing career on more than a few occasions! But how do you get your book noticed? There’s a brilliant and often underrated way. And it’s by finding and joining a writing group - and maximising the opportunities it brings.

Joining a writing group can totally change your writing skills, strategy and so much more. Let's dive in and discover how writing groups can transform your writing career.

Becoming a Best-Selling Author

I recently read a book (Dark Mode) by Ashley Kalagian Blunt and was blown away - it's a crime thriller, so well written, so descriptive, so tense and with so much depth, I wanted to know more. Who was this author? 

Then I saw a picture, it was Ashley cleverly used her book cover as a marketing tool.

She adorned a t-shirt with her book cover on it, catching the attention of readers and sparking conversations wherever she went.

I was intrigued because it’s not something I’d seen a traditionally published author often do.

As Ashley explained though, she loved the book cover so much, she wanted to make the most of it and t-shirts seemed like a good idea.

Wearing a t-shirt with a book cover on it:

  • Increased visibility and awareness of her book.
  • Meant no awkward moments when walking into bookstores to sign books or when holding author talks at libraries and festivals.
  • Became a conversation starter at other events.
  • And, in a bonus, one night she wore it to the pub and the bartender noted she loved the three authors with endorsements across the cover (Anna Downes, JP Pomare and Petronella McGovern) and decided to get a copy of Dark Mode. (This anecdote also shows the power of testimonials and social proof for a book!)

Her innovative approach to author marketing intrigued me, but what fascinated me more was the journey that led her to become a bestselling author.

Ashley credits her success to multiple factors:

  1. Being signed by the literary agency Curtis Brown

  2. Securing a two-book deals

  3. Becoming a best-selling novelist

  4. Selling overseas and translation rights to her thrilling crime novel "Dark Mode"

  5. Vastly improving her writing skills

  6. Growing her writing community

  7. Receiving new opportunities

    All as a result of actively participating in writing groups.

    Ashley knew that joining writing groups played a significant role in improving her writing skills, growing her writing community, and opening new opportunities.

    When I found out about her incredible success with writing groups, I asked if she could create a course for Bold Authors around just that topic.

    What is a Writing Group?

    A writing group is a collective of writers who come together to share their work, provide feedback, and support each other's writing journey.

    They cater to all kinds of writers, novelists, bloggers, poets or non-fiction authors.

    The magic of a writing group lies in the diversity of its members - each writer brings their unique perspective, style and expertise to the table. This creates a rich, collaborative environment that can help you get your book noticed.

    Why Join a Writing Group?

    You might wonder, what could a writing group possibly do for you.

    Well, Ashley's story is a testament to the transformative power of being part of such a group. It helped her enhance her craft, secure incredible deals, and even become a bestselling author.

    There are countless benefits to joining a writing group, but here are some top reasons why every aspiring author should seriously consider it:

    • Constructive Feedback: As authors, we often struggle to find honest and constructive feedback on our work. But in a writing group, you're surrounded by fellow writers who are committed to the same goal - improving their craft. They will not only provide valuable insights into your work but also offer helpful suggestions on how to make your writing more engaging. This feedback is critical if you want to learn how to get your book noticed.

    • Networking Opportunities: Writing groups are a great place to meet and connect with other authors, literary agents, and publishing industry professionals. These connections can open doors for collaborations, provide insights into the publishing process, and significantly increase the visibility of your book.

    • Skill Development: Being part of a writing group allows you to learn from other writers. They can provide advice on plot development, character creation, and the nuances of different writing styles. Additionally, regular writing and critiquing exercises can significantly improve your writing skills.

    • Accountability: Writing groups encourage regular writing and can keep you motivated and disciplined. Knowing that you have to share your work with the group can push you to write even when you don't feel like it, ensuring you stay on track with your writing goals.

    • Promotional Support: When your book is ready for the public, your writing group becomes an invaluable tool for promotion. Fellow group members can help spread the word about your book through their networks, significantly increasing your reach and likelihood of getting your book noticed.

    But - there are also writing groups hazards to avoid and things you need to learn to ensure you get the most out of your writing group.

    If you are serious about getting your book noticed and becoming a best-selling author, then joining a writing group can be a game-changer for your writing career.

    It's not just about improving your writing; it's about being part of a supportive community that can help you navigate the often daunting path to publication.

    So, if you're wondering how to get your book noticed, consider joining a writing group - it might be the boost you need.

    And in this course here you’ll learn the ways to approach, run and participate in a writing group to maximise its value for your current work in progress, and for the other members too. You’ll even discover where to find the right writing group for you.

    Even if traditional publication is not your goal and you just want your indie-authored books to be the best they can be – a writing group could make the crucial difference to getting your manuscript finished, sparkling and with an enthusiastic writing community around you.

    Learn How to Get Your Book Noticed with Writing Groups

    Ashley is so passionate about the benefits of writing groups that she has created a comprehensive course for Bold Authors detailing how to effectively participate in a writing group, improve your writing craft, deal with potential toxicity, and maximize the benefits of membership.

    In this inspiring 1 hour, take at your own pace, course she shares how to:

    • Grow your confidence and beat writer procrastination by being an active member of a writing group.

    • Significantly improve your writing craft.

    • Find or establish a writers’ group in your area (or online).

    • Get the most from your writing group.

    • Give and receive feedback on writing so all members of the writers group can grow from the experience.

    • Maximise the benefits of being in a writers’ group.

    • Know if your writing group or a member in it is toxic – and what to do about it.

    • Maintain a positive and active writers’ group.

    • Screen new members to make sure they’re a good fit for your writing group.

    Learn more about this incredible course here and get started by joining a writing group to shift the needle in your writing career.

    As Ashley says, ‘My involvement in a writing group helped me measurably improve my writing, secure a two-book deal, launched me as a bestselling author and so much more.’

    My Personal Experience with Writing Groups

    Working with Ashley on the course made me realise how much I’ve been missing out on by not being a recent member of an active writing group – even if I plan to continue being an indie author.

    As an indie author myself, I now understand the importance of finding the right group that aligns with my skills and interests. Something I hadn't fully realised from being in writing groups in the past.

    My two experiences with writing groups were quite varied. One was with an international memoir-writing group.

    It was this group’s extraordinary encouragement that led me to refine, finish and publish Honey Farm Dreaming: A Memoir About Sustainability, Small Farming and the Not-So Simple Life.

    Amazing! But that writing group disbanded at the end of the course.

    Another group I thought about joining just wasn’t the right fit for my skill level and interests, and Ashley talks about the importance of getting this fit right in the course.

    Unleashing the Power of Writing Groups

    Now I’ve completed the course ‘How to Join and Participate in a Writing Group to Become a Successful Author’, I’m buzzing about finding the right writing group to join as I plan my next book.

    Through our course, you get to explore the untapped potential of writing groups and how you can tap into their incredible potential to help you build a successful writing career.

    International bestselling author, Ashley reveals how her writing group not only transformed her writing career but also shaped the success narratives of other authors within her group.

    The course is designed to debunk your preconceived notions about writing groups. Whether you've been a part of one in the past or are a novice to the concept, this course has something to offer.

    It equips you with resources to find a writing group near you and teaches you how to derive the maximum benefit from such a group. From learning how to give and receive feedback to understanding when a group isn't working out for you and what steps to take in that situation - it's all covered.

    Regardless of where you are in your writing career, this course can be a valuable guide.

    If you've been wrestling with procrastination or have had your confidence shaken by a toxic writing group, let this course show you a new path.

    When joining or starting a writing group is executed properly, it can be the key to enhancing your writing, forging lifelong connections in the writing community, and potentially landing a publishing deal.

    As Ashley puts it, 'Writers’ groups are often overlooked as a path to publication, but they could literally be the key to your success - like they have been for mine.'

    Embrace the transformative power of writing groups and unlock your potential for author success. Join the course here to learn how.

    Thanks so much, Ashley for putting your time and passion into this course so writers anywhere and everywhere can benefit!

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