Welcome to Bold Authors

Bold Authors is going live with our first courses ready to inform and inspire you.

Hi and thanks for visiting us at Bold Authors. Welcome!

The concept behind Bold Authors is to give authors access to current information to:

  1. Inform.
  2. Inspire.
  3. Provide useful information for authors at varying stages of their writing careers.
  4. Be open and honest about the opportunities available across the publishing industry, ranging from traditional publishing through to the ever-growing field of self-publishing.
  5. Make the book writing accessible to writers who have previously found the publishing industry hard to navigate.
  6. Help authors avoid vanity publishing scams by empowering them with knowledge and nous.
  7. Provide opportunities to author experts to create courses in their speciality and to join the Bold Authors community as a course contributor.

We're starting with four courses and hope to grow from there. Here's hoping you choose to grow with us!

Happy writing!

Anna Featherstone, Founder, Bold Authors